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Gain full control of your business in a matter of weeks

Whether you're a startup or mid-size organization looking to onboard new customers, expand into new markets, or get ready for an IPO, you'll need a business management system to help efficiently handle your day-to-day operations, financial management and reporting, ensure compliance with regulations, and automate your workflows. All this, while saving time, resources, and costs.

An ERP solution designed to meet the unique needs of hyper-growth organizations

Priority's High-Tech Suite provides you with a comprehensive overview of your business and operational processes, maximizes your organizational strengths throughout your growth journey, and most important, lets you focus on your core business and tasks.

Medical Devices

Medical devices ERP

Designed ERP for medical device manufacturers, Priority ERP delivers a trusted, market-proven solution to help meet the challenges of R&D, engineering, rigorous QA cycles, and stringent regulatory standards and requirements. Manage and control your entire operational process, and seamlessly monitor, control, validate, and audit your workflows, from manufacturing through to distribution.

Medical device inventory management

Medical device manufacturing is one of the world’s most competitive, highly-regulated industry sectors, where profitability rests on product quality, time-to-market, and traceability. Priority‘s medical device manufacturing ERP can help you complete critical operational tasks, including lot tracking, inventory costing, and planning and forecasting, while the system’s integrated reporting and analysis tools give you all the information you need to make better-informed business decisions.


Manufacturers in the medical device and instrument industry must meet strict regulatory compliance and government mandated requirements, coupled with stringent QA process, and tracking and traceability reporting. Priority ERP software enables end-to-end manufacturing, inventory control, and quality assurance capabilities to help you bring quality products to market quickly, and manage critical after-market maintenance and service.


From complex manufacturing processes, supported by robust tools to manage financials, track and trace, product identification and serialization, warranty and service tracking, and more, Priority's medical ERP software helps you deliver precision-quality, fully-compliant products – all on a single platform.


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